Handmade wall hangings

Pre-made products are currently not available to purchase online. Wall hangings are sold locally in Greece, and at markets in the UK and USA. 
We offer commissioned pieces starting from $100USD, with worldwide shipping available.

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Duzzi offers handmade wall hangings made by a community of Yazidi genocide survivors, currently living in a refugee camp in Northern Greece. 'Duzzi' means 'wool' in Kurmanji, a Kurdish dialect spoken by the camp residents. 

Selling these unique items on and locally in Greece empowers this group of Yazidi women and gives them a small piece of control over their lives. With every single sale, 100% of the proceeds go towards helping the women, by purchasing items that make their lives a little more comfortable, such as local wool that they can use to knit and crochet clothing. The women choose which items will be purchased, according to their current needs and preferences,  and these items are distributed to all women in the camp. 

Duzzi came about after the women became interested in making handicrafts from donated yarn. None of the residents have access to formal education, or the ability to work, but they attend language and recreational classes offered by grassroots non-profit, Lifting Hands International, which operates just outside the camp.


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Yazidis are all part of a religious minority with very old, unique cultural traditions. Though they have suffered multiple genocides throughout their long history, they stand steadfast in their beliefs, and simply want to live safely and peacefully together.

Despite the hardships Yazidi people face,  they continue to instill a strong sense of identity and culture from generation to generation and keep their traditions alive, from prayer and fasting, to dance and celebration.

In August 2014 ISIS invaded the region of Shingal, in Iraq. There were over 7,000 victims and more than 3,000 Yazidi women were kidnapped and sold. Those who survived and managed to escape fled to Mount Sinjar before making the journey to Turkey, and then to Greece. These survivors are now playing the waiting game in Greece, and will likely be resettled in Germany, along with thousands of other Yazidis.


Fahima is 24 years old, and likes to teach & practice yoga. She enjoys making clothes, and wants to continue with her craft when she is reunited with her family, in Germany. 
Khaleda is 30 years old, and has 4 children. She likes using yarn and wool to make things, and she likes cooking. She also likes to practice yoga and has trained as a yoga teacher with Lifting Hands International. 
Jamila is 25 years old,  and has 2 children. She likes cooking and taking care of her children. She is learning to speak English and would like to get better at speaking in English. 
Shareen is 37 years old,  and has 6 children, 3 girls and 3 boys. She wants to learn to speak English, and in her future aims to be a hairdresser.
Khane is 35 years old,  and has 5 children. She loves to cook, and also enjoys cleaning her home in the camp, a small, two bedroom container. She also loves being with her children and learning English. 
Rahab has 5 children, and she likes to make wall hangings, crochet, and sew. She wants to learn to speak, read, and write in English.
Berivan is 18 years old. She wants to learn German because her mother and other family members are in Germany. She hasn't seen her mother in 5 years and is waiting to join her family there.
Khore is 45 years old, and has 8 children. She like to make these wall hangings using wool, and also likes to crotchet and make different things. She wants to learn to speak, read, and write in English.

Please note: The photographs & identifiable information of our team remain private to ensure the safety & comfort of those involved.
Our team changes regularly due to the residents entering and leaving the camp.